sMirror is an interactive device built into a mirror, a tool we use many times every day. Being essentially controlled by voice, but could be adapted to be used with gestures or a touch panel, you interact with it without interrupting the action we are doing as we comb, makeup or showering us.

In this way, we can save time because as we prepare for the day, or just, we need to check all those notifications, such as traffic or what we do today.


The application for sMirror, is characterized by being minimalist and simple to use. It consists of three sections, preview, modules and settings. In the first, we can see how our mirror will look after the changes we made. In the second, we can add or hide modules on the screen and in the third, we can manage the configuration of the device as the audio or network.

In this link, you have the preview version of the application available for your sMirror.

The app doesn't works without being connected to the same network as the mirror. This app we provide you, is a demo experience.'

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    Promotional video


    To check the feasibility of the project, the team Qwert1 has made a business plan with a market study collected in the following publication.

    Here, you can download in a .zip file the poster, the PDF and the APK

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